Learning how to flirt is probably the best skill you can learn to attract women.  By understanding proper flirting techniques, you will be able to build rapport with a girl and demonstrate your sexuality in a nonverbal way.  Done correctly, you will be able to make her instantly attracted to you. 

Unfortunately finding out how to flirt is hard for a large number of men.  In our modern education system, little time is spent on teaching us relationship and sexuality skills.  As a result, many of use have no clue about how to flirt and ways we can build attraction with women. 

Fortunately flirting is a skill that you can easily learn.

In a previous article, I discussed the nature of flirting and why it’s important to learn this skill.  I mentioned the importance of doing two things before flirting with a woman.  The first is you have to be completely comfortable with yourself and ignore any faults that you may have.  The other is to have the right frame of mind when flirting.  Your focus is to have fun and be interesting to any woman you’re talking to.

By doing these first two steps, you will be creating what I like to call a “flirting atmosphere”, which is a fun, low-pressure way to engage women in a conversation.  If you do this right, you’ll be able to build an instant connection with any woman.

Once you have the right kind of mindset for creating a flirting atmosphere, you have to ensure that your body language matches your attitude.  This means your body should radiate confidence while remaining relaxed and in control. 

What I mean by this is you have to show her that you’re having fun in your interaction, but you’re not taking yourself too seriously.  As we all know, women love confident men.  So you can subconsciously draw in women by giving off a positive aura. 

To have the proper body language, you have to carry yourself with a straight, but relaxed posture.  This signifies that you are confident while not being too stuffy. 

After demonstrating your relaxed attitude, you have to give off a “welcoming attitude” with your body language.  This means leaving your arms uncrossed and leaning forward to her as she is talking to you. 

The final secret for learning how to flirt is to know how to use your smile.  As we all know, a smile is a contagious thing.  If you give her a welcoming and friendly smile, you are telling a woman that you like her and find her interesting.  So when you’re creating a flirting atmosphere, make sure that you give her a confident smile that lets her know you find her interesting. 

Believe me when I say that your smile will be the best arsenal when it comes to flirting with a woman.

Knowing how to flirt is a crucial step to meeting and attracting women.  But before you even talk to them, you have to have the right kind of body language.  By being able to create a flirting atmosphere and smile with a confident manner, you will set up a relaxing situation where you can easily build rapport and possibly “do more” with her.

So get out there and start practicing your flirting skills. 

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