If you’re over 35 years of age and would like to learn how to date younger women then this article will be critical to your success.  When referring to “younger” we mean the age of consent.  There are many men who are in their 30s, 40s and even 50s who prefer younger women.  They each have their own reasons.  Some men prefer younger women because they tend to have less hang ups, less emotional baggage, and aren’t as eager to jump into a serious relationship.  But usually it comes down to the level of energy and physical beauty.  And that’s what most want anyway.  Some men like to date younger women because it makes them feel younger.  Whatever the reason there are a lot of men that prefer to date younger women.

In general, men are afraid to approach women because they are afraid of being rejected.  This is no different for men who want to approach a younger woman but don’t want to appear to be “the dirty old man.”  In reality some women actually prefer older men.  I recently got turned down by a 25 year old woman because she only dates 40 year old men and older (I am in my mid-30s).  It was ok because I eventually met a 27 year old graduate student who preferred dating an older man.  First, a man has to realize that some women, especially in their 20s may think of dating an older man as “gross”.  But that is her problem, not yours because there are other women who will find you “sexy”.

Some dating experts recommend that you completely change the way you dress, the way you talk, and even change your hobbies so you will be more attractive to a younger woman.  I partially agree with this strategy.  You shouldn’t go out and try snow-boarding if it does not appeal to you.  It might make more sense to take dance lessons instead which is a great way to meet younger women.  Younger women who like to date older men are typically looking for a more mature, financially stable man who will accept her for who she is.  In fact, many younger women will think that you won’t want to date them because they are younger, so when you first talk to them you should tell them about a date in the past where you did date a younger woman.  That way she will know you are totally ok with it.

A great place to meet younger women is on the Internet.  You can put out your own online profile and specifically state that you are looking for a younger woman.  Don’t be surprised when all the older women start e-mailing you and challenging you that they are more qualified to be with you than some young woman. I once received an e-mail from an older woman who wrote me “I have a lot more to offer than any young gal!”.  Wow, some people take things way too personal. Another place to meet younger women is at church singles groups, night clubs, coffee shops, bookstores, shopping malls, college cities, music concerts, food fairs, restaurant openings, plays, and the list goes on and on.

You must be proactive in your approach and realize that this is a numbers game.  The more women you meet the more phone numbers you will obtain.  The more phone numbers you obtain the better the odds of you meeting that special someone.  And remember, just because some women may not find the idea of dating an older man a good idea, doesn’t make it true.  There will always be women out there that want to date an older man.  Always.

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