The Attracting Women Tip of the Day [AWTD] for March 7th, 2007.  

Learn How to Gain Control and ‘Condition’ Women

When I was in college, I was a psychology major.While I never pursued a career in the field of psychology, I’ve learned to use a lot of it’s principles in my business and personal life.

In fact, there is one technique I pulled from Psychology 101 which is great way to build attraction with women.

Let me explain…

If you’ve read David DeAngelo’s ebook- Double Your Dating, then you know being in control of your relationships with women is a great way to build attraction.  Without going into too much detail, women are STRONGLY attracted to guys who act in a confident manner and don’t act too needy.

Now the way you can control women is use the ‘operant conditioning’ principle from Psychology 101.  When you use this technique you give her attention in an unpredictable manner.

Why should you do this?

Well if you study psychology, then you know that you get the most amount of responses from people if you use a ‘Variable Ratio’ reward system.

For instance, if you immediately return her calls EVERY TIME, then she knows she has you trained like one of Pavlov’s Dogs.


If you call her back once in awhile, then she’ll start to realize that she doesn’t have control over you.  Furthermore, giving her spaced out reward will make you more attractive because you’ll give off the impression that you’re a busy guy with stuff to do.

So if you want to gain control over women in your life start using the variable ratio technique.

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