The Attracting Women Tip of the Day [AWTD] for January 23nd, 2007.  

[AWTD] How to Use the Scarcity Principle to Attract Women

I bet you get frustrated when you approach a beautiful woman and she blows you off.

If that’s the case, then this tip can help you out.

Today’s tip covers the Scarcity Principle and why it’s important for attracting women.

According to the Scarcity Principle, humans tend to operate on a fear of loss instead of a fear of gain.  In other words, if a woman thinks she “has” you,  she won’t be that interested.  On other hand, if she thinks she’s going to lose you, then she’ll be more interested in pursuing YOU.

Here’s how the Scarcity Principle would work when you’re talking to a woman:

Say you’re getting a vibe from a woman that shows she’s not interested in you.  Or she tells you she doesn’t want to give her number or go on a date.  
Normally most guys would give up and walk away.

You won’t!

Instead of giving up, you should make her think she’s going to miss out on something incredible. 

You could say something like:

“If we went on a date, YOU could have had the best time of your life.  But your hesitation is hurting your chances.  You could be losing out on something that could have been great!”

This principle works great because you are describing a great benefit she’s receive, then telling her that she can’t have it.

So next time you’re talking to a woman, try using some scarcity lines to get her interested in getting your number or setting up a date.

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