The Attracting Women Tip of the Day [AWTD] for June 7th, 2007.  

How to Make a Woman Remember You Part 1

Women are strange creatures!  You might meet a woman, talk to her for awhile, create attraction and then get her number.  But when you go to call her, she won’t return your messages.

This makes you wonder “what did do wrong?”.  Well to be honest, while you’re probably a great guy, if this is happening to you then you’re not doing something right when you’re talking to women.  Specifically you’re not making a strong enough impression on the women you’re meeting. 

In order to make women remember you, it’s important to do specific things which will make you stand out in her mind. So YOUR goal is to do positive and rememberable things each time you meet a woman.  In the next couple of posts, I’ll cover about a dozen ways you can make a strong impression on a woman so she CAN’T wait for you to call her.

Be a Cocky-Funny Guy

I cannot stress this enough, but being a cocky-funny guy is probably the best way to stand out in a woman’s mind.  Women, especially beautiful ones, are used to having guys kiss their ass.  By acting an arrogant, yet humorous manner, you’ll put her in a relaxed and fun state of mind.  Furthermore, if you can pick out small flaws in her and turn it into a funny joke, you’ll get her laughing even if it’s at HER expense.

Demonstrate Higher Value

One of the ways to attract a woman is to prove that you’re a higher status male.  Women WANT to be with guys who are providers of good times and make them feel like they’re in the presence of someone who is important.  That’s why you have to demonstrate that you are high status guy.

The good thing is you can demonstrate higher value without have money, fame or power.  All you have to do is make an instant connection to her emotions.  This can be easily done by doing cold reading tests, Eliciting Values (EV) or telling specific stories.

Ask interesting questions

Most guys make the critical mistake of asking “interview type” questions to a woman.  These are the boring “Name, rank, serial number” questions like “What’s your job” or “Where you from”.  I’m going to be honest here.  These questions are one the quickest ways to KILL attraction.  If you want to think of her in an exciting way, you have to ask interesting questions.  This will help you stand apart from the other wusses who ask boring questions.

For instance, you should ask questions which connect instantly to her emotions.  They should involve drama, excitement and humor.  Don’t be afraid to ask her questions like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” or “What is the one thing you want to do before you die?”  By asking questions directed to her emotions, you’ll spark a high level of attraction.

Well, that’s it for today’s tip!  Tomorrow, I’m going to cover more ways you can make a lasting impression on ANY woman you meet.

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